Strengthening Family Bonds

Peggy Davis: Nurturing Relationships, Building Stronger Families

Counseling Services
At the heart of community wellbeing is the health of each family. I provide a compassionate space where relationships can heal and grow stronger. With specialized expertise and personalized care, individuals and families can learn to navigate life's challenges and foster a nurturing environment for all members.
Empower Your Family
Fees are covered by Alberta Blue Cross and most employee assistance programs (EFAPs). Use your benefits to invest  in yourself and the things that are most important to you.

Relationship Counseling

Strengthen your bond with relationship counseling, designed to improve communication, build trust, and resolve conflicts.

Parenting Support

Gain the skills and confidence needed to connect with your children, whether they are tweens, teens, or adults.

Adolescent Therapy

Help your teen navigate the complexities of adolescence with specialized therapy services tailored to meet your child's unique needs.

  • 578 3rd St SE #204, Medicine Hat, AB, Canada
  • Parking is to the west of the building. Take the building's left door and come to the second floor, by stairs or elevator. My office is 204.